Why Do You Need Me?

You obviously want your child to become a more confident and motivated student. Otherwise, you would not be visiting this page.

I have the attitude and the skills to bring out the best in your child, as I have done successfully for many years. I am especially qualified to mentor people with special needs. My objective is to increase the self-esteem of my pupils so that they can reach their maximum potential and, ultimately, thank their parents for investing in their education.

Since 2008, I have tutored students so that they can accomplish their academic goals. My specialties include:

  • Biology
  • Earth Science
  • English (from the Grammar and Writing Sides)
  • Environmental Science
  • Math (Algebra 2 and below)
  • Physical Science

I earned my Masters degree in Marine Conservation at the University of Miami.

After a brief evaluation, I will decide if I can help your child in his/her endeavors. I currently have the time to train a limited number of qualified students, including those with special needs.

I was a mentor and camp counselor at the Dan Marino Foundation (DMF) in 2014. Since July 2011, I have actively served on the board of the University of Miami Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (UM-NSU CARD). My experiences with children and young adults at DMF and CARD have equipped me with the patience and active listening skills necessary for teaching students with autism and similar disabilities.

As a South Florida native, I serve Broward County and Palm Beach County.

Reach for the stars!

Let’s reach for the stars!



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